New Job, Now What??

You have landed that perfect new job, now what? The first few days in a new job can be downright intimidating. Remember that success week one is all about balance, make a good impression but try not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Utilize these tips to help make the transition:

1. Introduce Yourself…Relentlessly: The job interview process is over, yet, now is the time to let your enthusiasm shine through. Get to know as many co-workers as you can! And, feel free to enlist the help of others. Ask your boss to provide a list of those teammates you should know, and introduce yourself before the start of meetings.

2. Ask Good Questions: Don’t be afraid to speak up with leaders and peers. Research shows that new employees perform better when they ask questions. Write down your questions, so you don’t forget. You can always ask them in a 1:1 manager meeting later.

3. Seek Out a Friend: Once you develop a sense for your new co-workers, it is always smart to find an experienced, knowledgeable, successful professional to bounce ideas from. Having someone you can relate to, even in the short term, will add stability and help boost productivity.

4. Avoid Making Comparisons: Make a clean break and start fresh! You worked hard to secure this new opportunity, give it the chance it deserves. Embrace the change you sought after and enjoy the ride.

5. BONUS TIP – Add Value: : Learn how to make the coffee, ask your boss to explain his/her biggest pain point. Use the first week to make a solid impression all while absorbing as much as you can.

Selecting the Right
Executive Search Firm

You are considering the option of working with an executive search firm; and knowing how to choose the right one is a critical step in the process. Here are four key areas to consider when identifying the firm that will best fit your needs:

Values: Above all, an executive search firm should be a trusted advisor, in word and in action. Additionally, the team should recognize the unique aspects of your search, but also understand the individual culture residing within every organization. A 360-degree “right fit” is a top priority.

Firm Reputation: Any credible firm will have ample references to share, but likely your network will identify someone who has experience with this firm and can provide an unbiased view of their effectiveness.

“Stick” rate: Successful placement is important, but so is length of candidate employment.
If C-level talent is recruited and placed, but positions “turn over” repeatedly, that could be a red flag.

Competitive Advantage (aka “Superpower”): What expertise does this firm offer, that will not be found at competing firms? Ask for examples. If responses sound boiler plate and canned, that will, in no way, give YOU a competitive advantage.